About us

The Mudita Foundation is a research-based outpatient treatment programme for substance use problems (problems with alcohol and drugs). We service learners/young patients who wish to get control of risky drug use and/or risky drinking behaviours. We do this on school premises and are currently operational at three different high schools in disadvantaged areas in Eerste River and Somerset West, as well as from our new office in Stellenbosch where we will also offer treatment to adults. 

Our counsellors and social workers also help youth deal with trauma, sexual abuse and neglect, which is, sadly, very high in the areas we work in.

Our services and programmes are delivered free of charge to the learners at the affiliated schools. Support our programmes here.

Help us change lives!

We need extra support for our current programmes and we also need to increase our capacity in order to be able to provide services to additional schools. Get involved with our work and help us make a difference!

Our next event: A picnic for a Cause 9th of December at the the End Jonkershoek

We are inviting friends, supporters and everyone interested to come for a beautiful picnic at The End Jonkershoek. We will organize picnic baskets for 2 or 4 people that you can order upfront. We will also do a book sale and a raffle (with very nice prices). All profits will go directly to support our projects to reduce substance abuse among youth in disadvantaged areas in the Western Cape, to help youth deal with trauma, abuse, neglect, loneliness and/or psycho-social problems, and our learning support programs.

Picnic for a Cause
Picnic for a Cause