Get involved

Some of our amazing volunteers at our holiday programme spring 2015

Due to the success of our approach, an increasing amount of schools are requesting our services and we need to increase our capacity in order to be able to assist other schools in the same manner. There are many different ways you can get involved with and support our work

Support our programmes

Either through a bank transfer, through snapscan or through the online fundraising platform

Volunteer for us

If you have some time to spare we are in great need of volunteers for various tasks. Gain valuable experience and help us make a change in the communities.

The percentage of teenagers who fail or drop out of high school is sadly very high in low income areas in South Africa, and without any education or training, the opportunities for employment are very few. This is something we would like to do something about and why we include many hours of tutoring to all the youth in our programmes! We need more tutors in 2017!

We are also looking for volunteers to aid our research on addiction disorders among adolescents in South Africa.

Are looking to gain valuable and a fun experience from organising events, while helping us make a difference for the communities in Eerste River, Somerset West and Stellenbosch? Join our team and help us organise FUN(draising) events. Contact us to get involved!

Or what about helping us raise money for our programmes? Events, ideas, posters, you name it! Everyone can also make a project on, which makes it really easy to raise money. Contact Lene at or contact us on Facebook if you want to get involved!

Share the word. Please use a few minutes today to tell your friends about us and show us some support by following us on twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Email us today.  Find more information here.

In kind donations

Donations and support of any kind are very welcome! We need stationery including pens, notepads, pencils, markers and files. We need calculators and laptops to our learning programme.  We also just got a new office and need furniture, a microwave and a fridge.

Donations in kind are entitled to a tax-exempt receipt to the value of the donated goods.

Join our Facebook community today and show support of our work and help us spread the word!
Join our Facebook community today and show support of our work and help us spread the word!