Learning Support


Poor school performance and high dropouts remain a major concern in the economically marginalised areas in South Africa. It is a particular problem for many of the learners with SUDs. We have, for this reason, included learning support sessions for all learners accessing outpatient treatment this year. Structured sessions are delivered during their treatment. During the sessions learners are taught several useful methods of studying for tests and exams, and given the opportunity to practice these methods with a psychologist.

We find learning support to be necessary in order for the youth in treatment to have a better chance to not only graduate high school, but to continue to further education or training after graduation and thus improve their chances at a brighter future. There is a tremendous need for learning support at several schools in the Western Cape, and we are currently busy looking for funding and volunteers to be able to offer learning support to youth outside our treatment programmes as well.

Our learning support programme is dependent on our hard working staff and a few amazing volunteers.  If you have some time to volunteer come work with us and help us make a difference. You can also support our learning support programme.