Our vision and goals


The vision of Mudita is to be a key role-player in the reduction of substance use disorders amongst our youth.



The mission of Mudita is to implement holistic and cost-effective strategies to reduce SUDs in youths and increase the dissemination of accurate information on SUDs to youth, their families and communities in affected areas.



The goals of the Mudita Foundation are;

  • To promote the integration of substance abuse issues into the mainstream of socio-economic development programmes;
  • To ensure appropriate intervention strategies through awareness raising, education and formal treatment programmes;
  • To promote family and community-based intervention approaches in order to facilitate the social reintegration of substance abusers;
  • To promote partnerships and the participation of all stakeholders at local and provincial level in the fight against illicit substance and abuse; and
  • To promote the general well-being of learners, which enables them to develop into mature, secure and productive adults.

The above goals of Mudita are aligned with South Africa’s current National Drug Master Plan (NDMP).