Relapse Prevention


The children are offered follow up sessions once a week after the 12-week treatment programme, through our 12-step aftercare programme to reduce the possibility of relapse.

During the aftercare programme our co-facilitator delivers the 12-step programme, as well as sometimes repeating ‘lessons’ from the 12-week outpatient treatment programme if necessary. The aftercare programme includes age appropriate educational videos on drugs and alcohol, which the children discuss afterwards whilst being supervised by a counsellor. About three times a year we organise outside speakers to come and address the children. This is a highlight for the children and on each occasion, has been a success.

The aftercare programme is also used for recreational/down time, especially over the holiday periods where the children can come in and play games such as monopoly, chess, cards and dominos and we usually have music or a movie in the background along with pizza or other food. This down time teaches children to enjoy normal activities without the use of drugs or alcohol.

During aftercare, the children may be drug tested from time to time to map their progress and are also comprehensively assessed if needed and entered into the full 16-week programme if deemed necessary. Aftercare is offered to all children who completed the initial 16-week programme and they may access these services as long as they are still in one of the schools we service.

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